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"...the teaching of critical thinking skills is embedded into the programme – one of the strengths of Singapore Maths is the use of model drawing to represent problems, enabling pupils to solve problems that  would be considered years ahead of them in the UK. Since trialling the programme in 2009, we have already seen significant improvements in our pupils to the extent where some of our most able Y4 pupils have won Silver and Bronze certificates in the UK Junior Maths Challenge designed for Y7 and Y8 pupils. Equally, pupils who have found maths challenging in the past are now achieving a standard well beyond what we might have previously expected..."

Bernie Westacott Northwood Prep

Bernie Westacott
Former Head of Maths
Northwood Prep School

"Maths No Problem were an essential partner for us when introducing schools in the ARK network to the principles behind Singapore's mathematics success. We have used Maths No Problem to supply resources and worked with them to arrange professional development and we value their professionalism and commitment to the approach."

Helen Drury Ark Schools, Mathematics Mastery

Helen Drury
Director of Mathematics at Ark Schools and Director of Mathematics Mastery

"We had a very stimulating training session run by Maths No Problem, where all the teachers and head teachers who attended left extremely motivated and inspired to teach maths using the Singapore method."

Helena Bryant Merton School Improvement

Helena Bryant
Learning and Teaching Advisor,
Merton School Improvement

"Our two oldest children - now 12 1/2 and 9 - have followed the Singapore program for the past two years. Singapore Maths teach efficient strategies for written and mental calculations, while encouraging the student to employ a helpful variety of problem-solving procedures. These procedures often include diagrams that assist the student in reasoning and help him make sure his answer makes sense - this is especially helpful for visual learners. We have found Singapore Maths to be very beneficial for our children."

Patricia Denton