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Inset Days

Whether you are taking your first steps towards teaching for mastery, considering the Maths — No Problem! Programme, or you would like support on a specific aspect of maths teaching, we have in-school training to suit your needs.

Need To Know

  • Help sell-in and support your journey towards teaching for mastery
  • More time to explore the specific needs of your school
  • Hands-on training for your whole team, including teaching assistants

  • Your teachers can directly tap into the expertise of our Singapore Maths practitioners
  • Concentrate on specific topics, such as teaching fractions or using maths journals
  • Choose anything from a half-day workshop to a two-day session

Watch The Film

A short introduction to number sense and how to teach it, featuring one of our training consultants, Judy Hornigold.

Inset Day Options

Maths For Mastery Theory And Practice

Explore the revolutionary teaching method that has proved to be so effective in Singapore. The day will be based around modelled examples allowing teachers to see how the different theories promote a deeper understanding of maths, the challenges some children face and how to overcome them. At the end of the day, teachers will understand the key learning principles that underpin the approach and how they relate to their current practice, and identified tools that will support the development of pupil learning.

Using The Textbooks

Understand how the textbooks support key Singapore Maths principles and challenge pupils to develop a deeper, structural understanding of maths. Using actual lessons, this day will model the use of the textbook so that teachers feel confident using the materials in both key stages, while school leaders can see how the resources can be used to enhance learning, not limit creativity in the classroom. As part of the day, teachers will have the opportunity to explore journaling, differentiation and assessment.
A special discount is applied to schools who book both days at the same time.

Follow-Up And Specialist Inset Days

To provide ongoing support, we offer a range of follow-up courses which allow your teachers to delve deeper into specific topics, such as using bar models, teaching fractions, how to differentiate maths mastery lessons or use maths journals. Half-day EYFS training and twilight parent workshops are also available.

Model Lessons And Observation Options

We can deliver model lessons to your teachers throughout the day followed by a Q&A session on implementation. We can also observe lesson(s) delivered by your teachers followed by feedback and Q&A. These sessions can be run separately or can be combined with the choice of a full day (9am – 3pm) or an afternoon/twilight session.

“The training yesterday was superb, with many staff buzzing about the prospect of taking on Singapore Maths in our school.”

Roseberry Community Primary School

To book a training session, or to get more information about our services simply complete this form and a member of our team will get back to you.

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  • Half day and after school sessions are only available to schools who have already had a full days training

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Based On International Research

The Maths — No Problem! programme is founded on the learning theories of Piaget, Dienes, Bruner, Skemp and Vygotsky and has been refined over the last 30 years in Singapore. This research is at the heart of all our professional development and can be accessed at any time with a subscription to our Singapore Maths Training Academy.

UK Evidence

72% of teachers using Maths — No Problem! said they felt reasonably or very confident teaching maths using a mastery approach, compared to only 30% of primary school teachers surveyed in England.

Source: Research of English Primary Teachers carried out by Schoolzone October 2015

Interested In Becoming A Trainer?

If you have the qualifications and you are interested get in contact for more information on how to become part of the Maths no Problem team.