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Singapore Maths Online Training Academy

A comprehensive training library featuring world-class maths teaching experts such as series consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har. Our hugely popular Training Academy inspires teachers, develops their maths pedagogy and acts as a constant reminder of best practice. A “must-see” for any school implementing the programme.

Need To Know

  • Annual subscription* to over 20 hours of great CPD and school support videos
  • Includes Dr Yeap Ban Har’s whole 5-day Singapore Maths course
  • See the Primary Maths Series being taught in UK classrooms

  • UK case studies and interviews
  • Can be used to support lesson planning, personal development and professional learning communities
  • Discounted annual subscription included in School Bundles

Watch The Film

The learning theories behind Singapore Maths

Singapore Maths Training

See the full Singapore Maths course featuring Maths — No Problem! series consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har. The course covers the core principles, practices and evidence-based pedagogy to teach maths for mastery. Fully aligned to meet the aims of the English National Curriculum for Mathematics.

In The Classroom

Watch the experts teach maths for mastery in English schools. These videos bring to life the Singaporean approach, demonstrating the use of Concrete Pictorial Abstract and how to conduct different components of the lesson such as the Anchor Task, Guided Practice and Independent Practice. Most classes are shown using the Maths — No Problem! Primary Maths Series and each lesson is followed by a Lesson Study and Q&A session.

'How To' Guides

These short hints and tips videos provide the answers to your most frequently asked questions and cover a variety of topics such as lesson structure, assessment and differentiation.

Teacher To Teacher

Talking about what it’s really like to teach maths for mastery using the Maths — No Problem! Programme, UK teachers share their experiences of implementing this transformational approach.

Leadership Talks

Covering evidence-based ideas from around the world and closer to home, our leadership videos feature policy-makers, academics and world-leading experts who are passionate about raising the standard of maths teaching.

Based on International Research

The Maths — No Problem! programme is founded on the learning theories of Piaget, Dienes, Bruner, Skemp and Vygotsky and has been refined over the last 30 years in Singapore. This research is at the heart of all our professional development and can be accessed at any time with a subscription to our Singapore Maths Training Academy.

UK Evidence

72% of teachers using Maths —No Problem! said they felt reasonably or very confident teaching maths using a mastery approach, compared to only 30% of primary school teachers surveyed in England.

Source: Research of English Primary Teachers carried out by Schoolzone October 2015

*Your subscription provides access to the planning tools and training academy for the academic year. You subscription will commence as soon as you buy a start-up or refresh bundle and will lapse on 31st July. To maintain continuous access to these services over the summer break, we recommend you refresh your order before the end of term.

Schools investing in the Primary Series late in the school year are eligible for a discounted subscription. Please contact Customer Services for more details