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Primary Maths Series Textbooks And Teacher Guides

An expert teaching framework which supports teachers’ subject knowledge and pedagogy. The materials provide a consistent lesson structure which incorporates class discussion, group work and independent practice. Every element has been designed to make maths engaging to learn and fun to teach.

Need To Know

  • Textbooks and workbooks for years 1 to 6
  • Annual subscription* to our Teacher Portal including Teacher Guides and Video Training
  • Researched in detail so teachers don't have to create resources from scratch
  • Based on the evidence-based approach developed in Singapore

  • Fully aligned with the 2014 English national curriculum for maths
  • The Maths – No Problem! primary series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it alone met the core criteria for a high quality textbook to support teaching for mastery.
  • Textbook colour palette specifically chosen to support those with colour blindness
  • Textbook layout and font created to aid dyslexic pupils

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Building Confident Learners Who Love Maths - The Impact Of The Maths — No Problem! Programme

Beautifully Designed

Teaching Maths for Mastery


From the 2500 hand-drawn illustrations to the learner-friendly typeface, every element has been meticulously designed to engage the learner. The colourful textbooks feature illustrated children who develop their problem-solving skills as they progress from years 1 to 6. The books use familiar situations and examples which present maths in a relevant context.

Researched Structure

Starting each year with whole numbers, the books provide a spiral curriculum which is broken down into topics and individual lessons. Each lesson opens with the teacher posing a new problem for the class to solve using the Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) approach.

Pupil Books

Textbooks are the focus of group work, providing guided examples, activities and games for the pupils to explore together. The questions in the textbook allow the teacher to assess learning and pupils’ readiness to move on. The textbooks provide teachers with more time to plan how to teach rather than what to teach.

Pupils use their workbooks to practice methods and apply concepts independently. The well-structured exercises support the lesson objective in the textbook and save teachers researching and copying worksheets.

The final element is the maths journal, a simple exercise book provided by the school, which empowers pupils to take charge of their own learning and show their understanding of the concepts they’ve learnt.

Teacher Guides and Online Training

Exclusively for schools who order a discounted book bundle, an annual subscription to our Teacher Portal provides step-by-step teacher guides on how to conduct each lesson and a comprehensive library of Singapore Maths training videos.

Developed By Experts In Singapore

Our Primary Maths Series is adapted from the New Syllabus Primary Mathematics Series published by Shing Lee and approved by the Ministry of Education in Singapore. The series consultant in Singapore is Dr Yeap Ban Har who is a world-recognised expert in maths teaching.

UK Evidence

The Maths — No Problem! primary series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it alone met the core criteria for a high quality textbook to support teaching for mastery. As a result, the Maths – No Problem! Primary series is the only textbook which has been placed on a list of recommended textbooks for schools on the mastery programme.

*Your subscription provides access to the planning tools and training academy for the academic year. You subscription will commence as soon as you buy a start-up or refresh bundle and will lapse on 31st July. To maintain continuous access to these services over the summer break, we recommend you refresh your order before the end of term.

Schools investing in the Primary Series late in the school year are eligible for a discounted subscription. Please contact Customer Services for more details