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Maths — No Problem! series

New series aligned with the new UK National Curriculum

The Maths — No Problem! primary school series, using the mastery approach from Singapore, has been created specifically for the UK education sector.

Aligned to the 2014 English National Curriculum for Maths, the Maths – No Problem series is used across the UK by schools including the Harris Federation and as part of NCETM’s Maths Hub programme.

The focus of the series is on teaching to mastery by allowing enough time on a topic for a child to comprehend it thoroughly before moving on. Based on the recommendations of research studies around the globe, the programme empathises problem-solving and pupils using their core competencies to develop a relational understanding of mathematical concepts.

More than just a textbook, the Maths – No Problem programme provides all the elements that teachers need to teach maths mastery with confidence:

Textbooks and workbooks

Maths — No Problem! Workbook page Maths — No Problem! Textbook page

The textbooks allow teachers and pupils to explore each topic in real depth. From the 2500 hand-drawn illustrations to the learner-friendly typeface, every element has been meticulously designed for children in the UK.

The colourful textbooks include anchor tasks, guided practice examples and group activities for use in the classroom.

The workbooks allow pupils to work independently, demonstrate their understanding and assess their own learning.

The textbooks have been researched in huge detail which means that teachers don’t have to spend time creating resources from scratch.

The varied examples have been specifically chosen to stretch pupils into harder concepts, create depth and generate dialogue providing teachers with better expert resources than if they were developing materials on their own.

Online teachers’ guide

Maths No Problem Teaching Guide

Alongside the textbooks, you have access to our easy-to-use online Teachers’ Guide providing everything you need to plan a lesson:

Interactive whiteboard components

Suggested differentiated instruction to allow you to support the struggling learners while stretching advanced learners

Suggested teaching methods

Tips for pupil assessment

Schemes of work

Workbook answers

Maths — No Problem! Parent Videos

Support videos for teaching assistants and parents.

We know that parental support is important to a child’s attainment and so we have produced 8 short videos covering the core concepts and methods used in the programme which you can place on your school’s website.

Maths — No Problem! Academy Videos

On-demand video training academy for teachers

If you use the Maths – No Problem! series at your school, we recommend you also take out a subscription to our online video training Academy. This provides on-demand access to the whole of Dr Yeap Ban Har’s 5-day intensive maths mastery course. In addition, you will also receive extra sessions of Dr Yeap teaching lessons to school children in the UK.

Schools - contact us for details of the Maths — No Problem! product options

Parents can buy individual textbooks here

Series Consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har

Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Dr Yeap Ban Har is one of the world’s leading experts on the Singapore Method and is the technical consultant for the Maths – No Problem! series.

An accomplished and inspirational trainer, Ban Har spent ten years at the National Institute of Education in Singapore where he was involved in several funded research programmes in mathematics education. Ban Har was part of the team which reviewed the Singapore Maths curriculum for the revised 2013 syllabus and he teaches courses at tertiary institutions in South East Asia and North America.

Professional development for teachers, subject leaders and department heads

Maths No Problem Training

A textbook is no substitute for excellent teaching which is why we also provide professional development, seminars and online training based on the maths mastery concepts developed in Singapore.

Our popular seminars and CPD courses are recommended for anyone with an interest in maths mastery, regardless of whether your school is using the Maths — No Problem! materials.

  • Our seminars by qualified experts provide an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of Singapore maths from Foundation to year 6. Check our events page for details of the next seminar in your area.
  • Our 5-day intensive course is delivered by the Maths — No Problem! series consultant Dr Yeap Ban Har, one of the world’s experts in mathematic mastery and the teaching methods developed in Singapore. These events tend to sell-out as soon as dates are released.
  • Improve the confidence of your teachers with our tailored inset training. Full-day or half-day courses are available on request. Contact us for more details.

The Story Behind Maths - No Problem!

Maths — No Problem! was created by Dr. Anne Hermanson and Andy Psarianos after their daughter fell behind in maths when transferring schools. In researching the subject, they found the Singapore method of teaching maths offered the most effective programme available. As they spread the word to friends, it became evident that there were many families concerned about their children's proper comprehension of maths. That is when they decided to make the programme available to a wider audience.

Maths — No Problem! runs from a small office in Tunbridge Wells with a highly-motivated team who are committed to improving educational standards.

Our Journey

You can feel confident choosing the Maths — No Problem! because our programme has been developed using the passion and expertise gained over many years in this field. In fact, Maths — No Problem! was the first to bring the concept of teaching mathematical mastery to the UK.


We started by offering Singapore textbooks to parents in the UK.


Providing textbooks to schools who wanted to emulate the maths results of Singaporean school children.


Partnered with the Ark network to introduce the Singapore Teaching principles which now underpin their Maths mastery programme.


The first to publish textbooks based on research from Singapore which align with the 2014 National curriculum programme.


Year 1 materials chosen by the NCETM and department for Education for use across schools in the Maths Hub text book trial.