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Free Maths CPD and Funding for Textbooks

How Your School Can Apply

Q. What is the Teaching Maths for Mastery programme?
A. The Department for Education (DfE) announced a £41m four-year programme to scale up ‘mastery’ teaching of mathematics in primary schools The programme funding provides schools with training, resources and support from local Mastery Specialist Teachers linked to the Maths Hubs.

Q. What funding is available to schools to purchase textbooks?
A. As part of the Teaching for Mastery programme, the DfE will provide schools with one-off match funding towards the purchase of high-quality textbooks. Schools on the programme are eligible for match funding from the DfE of up to £2000 if they select a textbook from the recommended list.

We have submitted the Maths — No Problem! Primary series to the DfE for approval for match funding and we expect to hear the outcome shortly after the election.

Q. How do I apply for funding for my school?
A. To be eligible for up to £2000 to go towards the purchase of maths mastery textbooks, as well as a year’s worth of CPD and support, your school needs to join a Maths Hub and participate in a work group led by a Mastery Specialist Teacher. The NCETM is currently looking for 1700 schools to join the mastery programme.

To find out more, go to the NCETM website

Q. How important are textbooks in teaching for mastery?
A. The DfE states that, ‘High-quality textbooks are a central feature of the mastery approach. The use of well-designed and tested textbooks, to set out a detailed curriculum and to guide teaching is critical.’

Q. Which books are eligible for funding?
A. The Maths — No Problem! primary series was assessed by the DfE’s expert panel, which judged that it alone met the core criteria for a high quality textbook to support teaching for mastery. As a result, the Maths – No Problem! Primary series is the only textbook which has been placed on a list of recommended textbooks for schools on the mastery programme.

More information about the list of recommended maths mastery textbooks can be found at the Mathshubs website