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Join The Maths Teaching Revolution

We believe that every child can master an understanding and love of maths with the right kind of teaching and support.

We want you to join our mission to build the confidence of the nation’s maths teachers and learners.

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Middle Row: Kate, Katharine, Ali, Amber Justyna, Lucy,
Front Row: Priscila, Bec, Dani, Rose, Jo, Shapla, Anna

We provide world-class textbooks, teaching resources and professional development for primary and secondary schools, based on the transformational teaching methods developed in Singapore.

The Singapore Maths Experts

The First To Introduce Singapore Maths To The UK

  • We introduced the concept of teaching maths for mastery over 7 years ago which means we have plenty of experience in implementing mastery teaching in western schools.

The Teaching For Mastery Specialists

  • Our focus on a single subject and a proven approach means our customers benefit greatly from our considerable expertise.

Selected By Maths Hubs For A Third Year Running

  • The National Centre for Excellence in Teaching Mathematics has chosen Maths — No Problem! to provide textbooks and professional development to the Department for Education’s Maths Hub Textbook Trial.

Recommended By Schools

  • Our success is reflected by the thousands of teachers, schools and local authorities who have successfully adopted the programme from England to Kathmandu.

Designed By World-Renowned Experts

  • We work with top-class practitioners from around the world such Dr Yeap Ban Har, lead trainer and consultant for our Primary Maths Series.
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Our Journey

Maths — No Problem! was created by husband and wife team Andy Psarianos and Dr. Anne Hermanson who wanted to help their daughter when she fell behind in maths.

Andy first came across Singapore Maths while lecturing in Singapore in the late 1990s. The country’s maths teaching had just grabbed the attention of the world after shooting to the top of the international maths league tables. Anne was covering the story for the Canadian Broadcast Corporation and Andy was dispatched to organise an interview with the Singaporean Ministry of Education. This meeting provided their first taste of the Singaporean approach to teaching maths.

Years later in Tunbridge Wells, England when their own daughter fell behind in maths, the couple sourced maths textbooks from Singapore to provide extra support at home. The results attracted the attention of other parents and Maths — No Problem! was born.

Imagine A World Where Every Child Loves Maths

Join Us To Help Make This A Reality

Maths - No Problem! are on a mission to improve the standard of maths education by providing world class textbooks, teaching resources and professional development based on teaching developed in Singapore. Our approach is taking the UK by storm and we are always looking for talented and passionate talented people to join our growing team.