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Every Child Can Master Maths

Our Mission

We are on a mission to improve the standard of maths education by providing world-class textbooks, teaching resources and professional development based on the teaching developed in Singapore.

Teaching Maths For Mastery Essentials - One Day Courses

Introducing the revolutionary teaching methods of Singapore maths. Aimed at the Primary School sector.

Spaces Available at the following events:

Cambridge - 26.01.2017


Plymouth - 02.02.2017


Professional Development

Introduction To Singapore Maths

Learn about the revolutionary teaching methods of Singapore maths in our essential one-day courses, available across the UK.

Work With Us

Training Consultant Vacancies

We are looking for passionate trainers in the London and South West areas to join our fantastic consultancy team to deliver maths mastery courses and school inset training.

You should be a maths specialist, have a good understanding of the Singapore Maths approach and ideally have held the position of Maths lead, or have been a member of the SLT, within a primary school.

For more information on how to apply click on the button below

Prove Your School's Success With Our Assessment Papers

Primary Maths Series

Test and evidence that your children have truly mastered maths, with our newly-developed assessment solution. They’re fully aligned with the English National Curriculum and are modelled on the 2016 SATs papers.

Is Your School Eligible For Maths Textbook Funds?

8,000 primary schools in England will receive £41 million over 4 years to support maths mastery including match funding for mastery textbooks.

Singapore Maths

The Truth And Myths

Why Singapore’s maths teaching is the envy of the world (and nothing to do with rote learning).

Singapore Maths Truth and Myths


Fully Aligned With The National Curriculum

Primary Maths Series

Our Primary Maths Series is a child-centred approach, which is fun to teach, using physical resources, problem solving and group work. The series is fully aligned with the English National Curriculum.