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Singapore Maths

Improve results in maths right away without memorising procedures.

When mathematics is not taught effectively people get frustrated and often hate it for life. Singapore Maths develops pupils' mathematical ability and confidence because the emphasis is on understanding.

Dr Yeap Ban Har: 'Singapore Education Now and Then

  • Working through the CPA (Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract) approach children learn to solve complex problems otherwise impenetrable.
  • By mastering topics before moving on they develop the deep foundation needed to build high.
  • The persistent development of a strong number sense gives them the fluency to make decisions without having to revert to remembering procedures.

Featured Books

The Singapore Model Method
Maths Bar Modeling: A Problem-solving Tool
Teaching of Fractions
Teaching of Whole Numbers
Pedagogy book
Model Method

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Pedagogy book
Bar Modelling

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Pedagogy book
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Pedagogy book
Whole Numbers

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Evidence Based Learning

Ofsted, the National Centre for Teaching Mathematics (NCETM), the Department for Education, and the National Curriculum Review Committee have all emphasised the pedagogy and heuristics used by Singapore. This method is now being used successfully in the UK by the Ark academies, the Harris Federation, Primary Advantage as well as numerous state, free, and independent schools across the UK and International schools in Europe. 

The ideas behind the Singapore maths method, or Singapore math as it is called in the United States, are founded on research. The emphasis on problem solving has its origins in the ground-breaking UK Cockroft report. The learning methods are the product of research produced around the world on how children learn, by notable experts such as Jerome Bruner, Richard Skemp, Howard Gardner and Zoltan Deines. Singapore math is an amalgamation of global ideas delivered as a highly-effective programme of teaching methods and books from Reception onwards which has been continuously improved on since it first appeared in 1983. Singapore's continuous top standing in international benchmarks such as TIMSS and PIRLS substantiates the effectiveness of this programme. Singapore math is used in schools and homes in over 40 countries including the United Kingdom and the United States.

Maths — No Problem! - selected for Maths Hub project

We are excited to announce that our new Maths — No Problem! series has been chosen by the Department for Education and the NCETM for use in the textbook project being run by 34 maths hubs across the UK. Maths — No Problem! will be training teachers on the mastery approach and supplying schools with books.